Welcome to Te Whāriki Takapou

We provide
services to help strengthen
Māori sexual and reproductive

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Health Promotion

Our health promotion includes services and resources that draw from Māori knowledge sources.

Health Research

Our Kaupapa Māori research investigates key areas of Māori sexual and reproductive health to provide an evidence-base to underpin our work, as well as assist other organisations’ responsiveness to Māori.

Recent Projects


Te Whāriki Takapou resources

We have information sheets, videos, publications, and reports available for viewing or download on topics covered in our work areas.

If you are unable to find a particular resource, please contact us at info@tewhariki.org.nz.

Policy and Advisory

Our policy and advisory services help build healthy public policy that is responsive to Māori communities. This includes assisting organisations to reorient services, consulting on strategies, and working with the media. We are also engaged in collaborative projects, conferences, and sector reference groups.

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