We worked with two kura kaupapa Māori to pre-test, develop and evaluate a sexuality education programme suitable for Year 6 to Year 10. The programme draws upon mātauranga Māori understandings of good sexual and reproductive health and is freely available to download from our website from mid-June 2017. Teachers are encouraged to customise the programme to meet their local kura kaupapa Māori requirements.


This project is a response to requests from teachers and health promoters for resources that celebrate Māori dimensions of sexuality. Resources are underpinned by mātauranga Māori and produced in te reo Māori and English. A sample of resources were pre-tested by workshop participants attending the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Conference 2016. Resources are relevant for teachers of sexuality education in Māori and English-medium schools, and sexual and reproductive health promoters working with Māori communities. Resources will be freely available to download from our website from mid-June 2017.


We provide advisory services to outside organisations to help build healthy public policy.We provide advisory services to organisations, networks and communities. Examples include assisting organisations to reorient services, advocating for Māori-responsive public health policy, and working with the media to inform Māori communities.