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How we work

Working on our own projects

Our work is organised around projects with specific aims and outcomes to improve the sexual and reproductive health of rangatahi, whānau, and Māori communities.

Projects are grouped under one of our main service areas:

  • Health promotion
  • Health research
  • Policy and advisory
  • Information services

Working in collaboration with other groups

We also collaborate with organisations in the health, education and research sectors on projects that we have shared responsibility, or that we contribute towards in part.

List of Collaborative Projects

NZ Sexual Health Society

The Aotearoa Statement

The Aotearoa Statement on Closing the Gap on STIs and BBV among Indigenous Peoples of Australasia promotes equitable sexual health outcomes.
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ALRANZ, Family Planning

Report to CEDAW 2018

In collaboration with ALRANZ and Family Planning, we submitted a combined NGO Review Report of NZ to the 70th CEDAW Session.
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Te Ahurei a Rangatahi, Te Rākei Whakaehu

Young Māori and sexually transmitted infections in the Waikato

This research project generated an evidence base to help STI testing and treatment services achieve sooner, better access for rangatahi to their services.
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Family Planning

32nd Session Universal Periodic Review of New Zealand

In collaboration with Family Planning, we were pleased to advocate for the rights for all Māori women at the Universal Periodic Review of NZ.
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Te Kotahi Research Institute

Takatāpui health and wellbeing

Honour Project Aotearoa investigated life experiences of takataapui, to gain insights into how those experiences impacted on achieving health and wellbeing.
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Te Kaha o te Rangatahi

Young Māori women’s access to LARC in Counties Manukau

This study aims to identify health system barriers and enablers to LARC so that young Māori women’s contraceptive need in Counties Manukau can be addressed.
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Planning a national STI website

We produced this report after consulting young Māori to find out what would make an STI website appealing, user-friendly and informative.
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Auckland University, Sexuality and Health Education Experts Group

Sexuality education in Aotearoa New Zealand: What are we waiting for?

This symposium held in Oct 2018 focused on why the sexuality and health education continues to be under-delivered in New Zealand schools.
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Stigma Index Working Group

People Living With HIV Stigma Index: Māori Participants Report 2021

Te Whāriki Takapou proudly presented the launch of the Aoteoaroa New Zealand People Living With HIV Stigma Index: Māori Participants Report 2021 on 6 February
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