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Sexuality education in Aotearoa New Zealand: What are we waiting for?

Symposium held 31 October 2018, University of Auckland, Auckland

Despite provision in the New Zealand Curriculum and strong support from young people, whanau, community members, teachers and researchers, sexuality and health education continue to be under-delivered in New Zealand schools.

This symposium focused on why this is the case, and what needs to change.

Hosted by the University of Auckland Faculty of Education and Social work, members of the national Sexuality and Health Education Experts Group joined with teachers and young people to discuss:

  • What quality sexuality and health education look like in primary, secondary and kura
  • Why we need increased provision
  • Who should teach sexuality education
  • The differing needs of kura and mainstream schools

The Symposium contained discussion and research-informed thinking about the future of sexuality and health education in schools.

List of Speakers

  • Assoc Prof Katie Fitzpatrick (Lead writer of the Ministry of Education policy on sexuality education)
  • Dr Alison Green (Chief Executive, Te Whāriki Takapou)
  • Dr Joeliee Seed-Pihama (Te Whāriki Takapou)
  • Rachael Dixon (Co-chair of the New Zealand Health Education Association)
  • Jackie Edmond (Chief Executive of Family Planning Association)
  • Dr Darren Powell (University of Auckland, Primary specialist)
  • Kat Wells (Head of Health and Physical Education, Lynfield College)
  • Professor Peter Aggleton (International expert on sexuality education, the Australian National University and UNSW Sydney)
  • David Shanks (Chief Censor)
  • Assoc Prof Kathleen Quinlivan (University of Canterbury)
  • Dr Analosa Veukiso-Ulugia (University of Auckland)