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The Aotearoa Statement


The Aotearoa Statement on Closing the Gap on Sexually Transmitted Infections and Blood Borne Viruses among Indigenous Peoples of Australasia was presented at the 41st New Zealand Sexual Health Society Conference 2019 to promote equitable sexual health outcomes between Māori and other New Zealanders.

It calls upon sector clinicians, promoters, researchers, managers and policy makers to sign up to the Statement and, using best evidence, reorient services so that Māori achieve good sexual health.

Online Sign-up

An online sign-up page was created, both for individuals and organisations to sign their support for The Aotearoa Statement:

Link to: The Aotearoa Statement sign-up

NZSHS Conference presentation

Dr Alison Green presents The Aotearoa Statement at the 41st NZ Sexual Health Society Conference, Nov 2019 (Start 2:50)

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The Aotearoa Statement is part of a broader Australasian campaign to achieve equity and improve Indigenous sexual health outcomes. Check out the Noongar Boodja – Perth Statement that was signed by organisations and people attending the Australasian HIV & AIDS and Sexual Health Conferences in September 2019 in Perth:

Link to: The Noongar Boodja – Perth Statement