Te Whāriki Takapou is a Kaupapa Māori organisation with a nationwide focus on Māori sexual and reproductive health.

One of our areas of work is Kaupapa Māori Sexual and Reproductive Health Research. We use the following understandings in undertaking our work.

The Kaupapa Māori approach to research draws from traditional and contemporary Māori knowledges and worldviews. There are many Kaupapa Māori approaches to undertaking research such as Kaupapa-ā-Iwi, Kaupapa-ā-Hapū, Mana Wāhine, Kaupapa Here, to name a few.

Our approach to research draws upon the work of Kaupapa Māori theorists such as Graham Hingangaroa Smith, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Leonie Pihama, Kuni Jenkins, Cheryl Smith, and Mera Penehira.

We expect new Kaupapa Māori theoretical approaches will emerge as more Kaupapa Māori sexual and reproductive research is conducted.

Currently, the elements of our Kaupapa Māori approach include: